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How RFID Technology Works

Touchless Cleaning

Drive Right In, Fast and Easy!

When you purchase our Unlimited Monthly Car Wash or Fleet Program, we will affix an RFID reader to the inside windshield of your vehicle.  This will allow us to identify each vehicle that passes through the car wash tunnel.  The data is time stamped and stored for reporting. This all happens automatically, without user interaction and ensures the fastest and most convenient car wash experience for our customers.

Secure System

  • RFID tags have an electronic chip in them and are disabled automatically if tampered with or removed.
  • Customers can clean over top of the RFID tags without disintegration.
  • A valid RFID tag is read by the RFID reader that automatically stamps the log data with the exact time and date.

Reliable Reads

  • Our antenna size restricts the read range in order to prevent an accidental read of the other lane’s RFID tag number.
  • RFID tags contain an enhanced chip for superior reads.


  • Track vehicles for Unlimited Monthly Car Wash and Fleet Programs effortlessly.

Contact us today at (215) 692-8910 or stop by our office for any questions about how we use RFID technology.

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